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 LMI pump accessories Sort By:

                        Pump accessories for LMI electronic metering pumps and LMI motor-driven metering pumps.

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LMI Auto-prime valves
LMI Auto-Prime valves remove gases that normally vapor-lock a solenoid metering pump.

LMI calibration column
Calibration Columns or Calibration Cylinders (CC) provide an easy verification of the flow rate.

LMI flow meters
LMI Flowmeters and pulsers send a signal to an LMI metering pump to provide chemical dosing proportional to flow through the meter.

LMI flow monitors
LMI flow monitors can be added to an LMI pump discharge to provide positive feedback that the pump is discharging.

LMI Function valves
LMI function valves can be added to an LMI pump discharge. 3FV, or three function valve, provides pressure relief, priming aid and line drain.  4FV, or four function valve, provides pressure relief, priming aid, line drain, and anti-syphon protection. 

LMI pump cables
LMI pump electrical cables, input cables, output cables, LMI Micropace converters and cables, cable extensions.

LMI pump misc
LMI corporation stops, prime flush kits, pump mount brackets, pump splash guards.

LMI tanks etc
LMI tanks, LMI agitators, LMI mixers, tank wands, tank accessories, syphon breakers.

LMI tubing
LMI tubing (plastic) for pump suction, discharge and relief.
LMI valves (system)
LMI back pressure valves and LMI pressure relief valves for chemical feed systems.

Neptune diaphragm metering pumps
Siemens Polyblends (formerly Stranco Polyblends)
LMI Milton Roy metering pumps
Griffco back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, injection quills and check valves
LMI Conductivity, pH and ORP controllers

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